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FAGE, J.D., OLIVER, R., (ED.) The Cambridge history of Africa. complete in 8 volumes. Cambridge, UP, 1982-1984.
Cloth with dustjackets. Bibliography. Illustrations. *library stickers on dustjackets and endpapers; dustjackets slightly damaged and discoloured, librarystamp backside title page, otherwise good condition*
Volume 1: From the earliest times to c. 500 BC. Edited by J. Desmond Clark, Volume 2: From c. 500 BC to AD 1050. Edited by J.D. Fage, Volume 3: From c. 1050 to c. 1600. Edited by Roland Oliver, Volume 4: From c. 1600 to c. 1790. Edited by Richard Gray, Volume 5: From c. 1790 to c. 1870. Edited by John Flint, Volume 6: From 1870 to 1905. Edited by Roland Oliver and G.N. Sanderson, Volume 7: From 1905 to 1940. Edited by A.D. Roberts, Volume 8: From c. 1940 to c. 1975. Edited by Michael Crowder. Nice set
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