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COWLIN, D., BRUUN, M.B., BANKS, K., BOSSIER, P.G., KOOPMANS, J.W., PETERSEN, N.H., (ED.) Commonplace culture in western Europe in the early modern period. Complete in 3 volumes. Leuven, Peeters, 2011.
(XX) 278, (XVIII) 211, (XVIII) 205 pp. Cloth + dustjacket. Bibliography. Illustrations. (GSCC) *fine condition*
Contributors: P. Bossier, Ann Moss, Jan Bloemendaal, Frans-Willem Korsten, Carlo Caruso, Ulrik Langen a.o. Volume 1: Reformation, Counter-Reformation and Revolt, Volume 2: Consolidation of God-given power, Volume 3: Legitimation of authority
Boeknummer 624649 € 85.00