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Welcome to Antiquariaat Isis.
Recently acquired books.
GULIK, R.H. VAN - Sexual life in ancient China. A preliminary survery of Chinese sex and society from ca. 1500 B.C. till 1644 A.D. Reprint.
(XVIII) 392 pp. Cloth + dustjacket. Illustrations. Euro 100.00
SIMA QI└N A.O. - ╚rshisi-Shi (The Twenty-Four Histories). Complete in 20 volumes.
Hardcovers. First edition. Chinese text. The Twenty-Four Histories. Euro 950.00
MARKS, R.B. - Tigers, rice, silk, and silt. Environment and economy in late imperial South China.
(XX) 383 pp. Cloth + dustjacket. Bibliography. Illustrations. Euro 50.00