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MERULA, PAULUS Opera varia posthuma, de sacrificiis, sacerdotibus, legibus, comitiis, praemiis &c. Romanorum. Juxta autographum cum amplissimo indice edita & recensita. Lugd Batavorum, Petrus ŗ Meersche, 1684.
Printers vignette + tail ornament. Parchment. 4to. (XII) 288 pp. *good condition*
'Born at Dordrecht 19 August 1558, dead at Rostock 20 July 1607. (...) After the departure of Justius Lipsius from Leyden he temporarily observed the courses of Lipsius and on 8 February 1592 he was appointed first as a extra ordinary and later, on 15 November 1593, he became regular professor in history (...). Next to be a classicist, jurist and historian Merula practised other sciences such as geography (...) From 1597 on he was also librarian of the university'. NNBW II, 902-904. Haitsma Mulier, E.O.G. Repertorium van geschiedschrijvers in Nederland 1500-1800. Den Haag, 1990, 332
Boeknummer 589318 € 300.00