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STANGE, P.D. Articles on Indonesian mysticism. Convolute with copied articles: Configurations of Javanese possession experience, Mystical symbolism in Javanese wayang mythology, The logic of Rasa in Java, Selected Sumarah teachings, Javanese mysticism in the revolutionary period, Legitimate mysticism in Indonesia, Interpreting Javanist millenial imagery, Deconstruction as disempowerment: new orientalisms of Java, Javanism as text or praxis & multivalent ethnographies, Constructions of culture in Asian studies and Asia in cultural studies, Mysticism: the atomic level of social science, The collapse of lineage and availability of gnosis, WOODWARD, M.R., Javanism , Islam and the plurality of ethnography Np, Np, Ny.
Hardcover. Bibliography. *binding plasticized, front board slightly damaged, copied annotations in the text, otherwise in good condition*
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